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Unstuffed. was born out of pressure from friends and family to share Megyn Scott-Hintz’s wisdom, talents, and skills. It is a business founded on the idea that “stuff” is meant to help people and organizations achieve their dreams and goals rather than divert their attention away to menial tasks. As exciting and memorable as items are, Unstuffed. is here to help you find a way to detach some emotion in order to regain  precious time and space. If you’d rather spend quality time with the people you love doing the things you love over cleaning, tidying, picking up, and organizing, then you’ve come to the right place. Although de-cluttering and organizing are mentally taxing processes, clients often find it amazingly cathartic. Not only will you be regaining space, but also piece of mind and clarity. Unstuffed. is here to help.

The owner of Unstuffed., Megyn Scott-Hintz, was born an organized person. She has always been known as the go-to person for help with creating useful spaces. To this day, she is unable to go to a family member’s house without de-cluttering and reorganizing something. It’s inherent to her being.

Along with ingrained skill, Megyn enhanced her skills while working for various animal-related non-profits. Whether it was organizing the donations area or creating a file system, she enjoyed helping these organizations do their jobs in a more efficient manner. In addition, Megyn wrote and spoke about the benefits of minimalism for years. To be clear, she does not want to convert everyone to her chosen path, but through the process of paring down, she has helped herself and others overcome many of the common mental obstacles that come with “stuff”. She is a large proponent of leading by example and is always open to sharing her spaces with clients. She believes transparency goes a long way in a business that requires a deep level of exposure by clients. In addition, her Psychology degree comes in handy as it allows her to be empathetic and understanding of all differing situations. Judgment on you or your home is unhelpful and harmful for such a business, and she applauds her clients’ willingness to be so open and vulnerable. In truth, she really loves getting to know people in her community and feels immensely honored to be given the chance to share her passion and skills with them.